How much does tiling cost?

How much does tiling cost?

The cost of a tiler and the cost of tiling varies a lot but to put a number on it ceramic tiling costs start at €17 a yard, polished porcelain and the timber effect tiles vary between €17 and €25 a yard and normal size kitchen walls which haven’t already been tiled start at €170.

But as I said it depends on different factors, for example hallways and bathroom floors are more expensive than big kitchen floors because of the number of tiles that have to be cut when installing, so please phone me on 087 3962215 or 057 8663872 for a quote. I don’t charge anything for a quote, sometimes I can quote over the phone but sometimes I have to call to your home to give you an exact quote. I’ll probably ask you some of the following questions and then i’ll be able to give you a fairly good guide price.

  • What sort of tile is it?
  • What sort of room is it?
  • How big are the tiles?
  • How big are the rooms?
  • How many rooms are being tiled?
  • Is it a timber or concrete floor?
  • Are you using some kind of Tanking system?
  • Do you want a new bathroom suite or sink or shower tray & enclosure fitted?

Possibly you won’t have the answers to all of the questions and that’s okay and you don’t need to have exact measurements either or need to know exactly what sort of tiles are being used, just an idea for me to be able to work from to give you an idea of prices. Depending on where you are it may be better for me to call to your home and that way i can give you a more exact price of how much it will cost to tile and also an idea of how long it will take me to complete the job once I’ve started it, quotes for home improvements etc are completely free.

Quotes for insurance work where a written quote is needed are no longer free though. This is because I have done so many of them recently which takes time, I have to visit the job and then write up the quote and send off to the ‘customer’ and never hear from them again not even getting a thanks for my troubles, and this has become a little tiresome. So as a result of this it’s now €95 for written quotes and if the job goes ahead the €95 charge is taken off the price of the job when it is completed, I don’t think I can be fairer than that.

I added the last part 18 months ago, May 2015, and since then I’ve not had one inquiry to quote for a written quote such as an insurance job –  interesting that. Happily though I get to chat to new customers and quote for new work most days and for that I’ll always be grateful 🙂 .