A Survey into the Exposure of Tilers to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) in the Course of their Work

This survey is only for tilers amoung us to complete, the ones of us who arrive home every day with bits of adhesive falling off our jeans. I would really appreciate if you would take the 4 minutes Survey Monkey says it will take to complete. The survey is anonymous so I will have no idea who has answered what, and I think easy to complete too – there’s no writing it’s just checkboxes. Below is a little bit of background and reasons for my study.

The Health and Safety industry produce occupational exposure limits (OEL’s, or WEL’s or PEL’s or WES etc depending on your country) for all chemicals including RCS. The data produced means something to health and safety professionals but in reality, means nothing to the people who are actually exposed to RCS. There is a disconnect between the research and the people the research is designed to protect.

The purpose of this study of which this survey forms a part of is to connect the people and the research, and as a result allows us the tilers, to be better informed of the potential risks we face every day, and possibly protect ourselves a bit better against them. If you would like a copy of my completed report you can leave your email at the end of the survey and I will mail you a link.

I would also appreciate it if you could message me with the names of other forums or fb groups that you use so I could post my survey there too. Different countries would be good too as we all face the very same hazards at work and it would be good to see how other places deal with it.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete my survey.

My survey is now closed, but in June 2020 I will publish my findings on my training site, safetytraining.ie . I’ll post a link here so you will be able to sign into the site and download a copy of my report. Ill also make a training video of what RCS is, its dangers to tilers and how to avoid RCS. This will also be free to tilers and any tradesperson that would like to increase their knowledge on what is the second biggest workplace killer that we are exposed to.
Thank you.