Seamus Foy Construction

This is just a heads up to any contractors out there thinking about subbing to Seamus Foy Construction in Offaly that they don’t pay their bills.

I worked for them about a year ago at the end of 2014 and when I asked for the invoice to be paid Seamus lost the head and started shouting at me, I felt this was a totally unprofessional way to go about business.

There was nothing wrong with the work I was contracted to do and he accepted this on the phone but made up a reason why he wasn’t going to pay me.

They also have no concept of and little regard to Health and Safety or the safety of any workers on site. I could write a thesis on their violations so if you’re thinking of asking them to build for you I would bear this in mind. You are after all responsible for the Health and Safety of everyone who comes on to your land to build your house or extension, so if there is a serious accident on your site it is you that will be standing in the dock along with the builder, just thought I’d let you know.

Oh and an update; Its now October 2016 and I still haven’t been paid.

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