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Ihave been asked more than a few times to take videos of work I have completed and put them on my site. I thought it was a good idea so I tried it to see how the results would turn out. You can see that I’ve done them myself – they’re obviously not professional but that’s okay, the idea is that I hope you can see and get an idea of the type and quality of the work that I complete. It’s easier to make floor tiling videos than bathroom tiling videos but I’ll have a look and find some bathroom ones and put them up here too and over time there should be a few on the page for you to see, and thanks for looking.




Floor tiling can be a tough job whatever the original floors are like but however good or bad they are we should always make them lip or trip free.Thats a short sentence but it can be a hard thing to do if you dont know what your doing or if you’re not a proper tiler. Fortunately I am so I can make videos like this and show you what a proper tiler can do – and how your floors should be after they have been tiled.If you want a floor like this my numbers on this page – if not its 087 3962215 :)Thanks for watching.




The tiles used on this job were 60cm by 60cm polished porcelain which were fitted with a 2mm space between them, the narrow joint always looks great. And the house is a four bed detached on a new development in Newbridge, the house is really nice but the floor was a long way from flat, it actually took 19 bags of adhesive which is around double the amount that would normally be required for this size floor. Not only was that time consuming for me it added expense to the customer having to buy the extra bags, but they were delighted when the job was complete as you can see its just about perfect.




This is a new build bungalow I tiled in Kildare, I tiled the whole house and these are the bathrooms. I filmed it wide angle with my GoPro to get a better view which is why some of the walls look curved. The house is block built with sand and cement walls anf the tiles are porcelain copies of Carrera marble which makes the room very bright and airy. The bathroom has a mosaic border and the ensuite has the same tile but with no border and the difference is fairly striking, both look great just really different. The customers are happy with their choice and I got paid so happy days ๐Ÿ™‚




This is a floor I tiled in Portlaoise, its actually a new house which is 10 years old, if you live in Ireland you’ll know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ The job is tiling the entire downstairs with 60x60cm porcelain tiles that look like stone tiles, they do this by taking pictures of natural stone then printing that on the tiles when they are being made and the effect is really good – and more importantly the customers are delighted too.




Iam a tiler and this is a floor i tiled in a duplex using 60x60cm polished porcelain floor tiles. I tiled the hall, downstairs toilet and the kitchen dining room and it looks great – it gives a very bright clean and airy feel which is exactly what the customer was looking for when they chose their tiles.




This was a job I did in Kildare, its a terraced family house which the owners had decided to freshen up before they moved in. I think you’ll agree that the polished porcelain floor tiles did that and the skirting tiles finished the job perfectly completing the transformation. The owners are delighted with both the job that I did and the the tiles they chose and I think they’ll enjoy them for years to come.

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