If you’re looking for Professional Tiling in Cabinteely then you’ve come to the right place. I enjoy being a tiler and I’m fairly sure that by now i’ve supplied and fitted just about every sort of tile made in every sort of room, including:


  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Bathroom tiling
  • Tiling Ceramics
  • Tiling with Stone & Marble tiles
  • Porcelain Tiling
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Tiling Showers
  • Tiling Wet rooms

I am a professional tiler in Cabinteely, and a part of that means i work safely in your home, I have a Safety Statement and a Safe Pass and its probably a good idea to make sure whoever you hire to tile your home has both too.

I can also advise you on the best way to fit your tiles, and by that i mean the substrate they’re going to be fitted to, which ensures that they wont crack, break or fall off after a few months, and I also make sure you’re supplied the correct tile adhesive and tile grout that is suitable for your job, normally the shops do a good job supplying the correct items but sometimes mistakes are made and its important that they are picked up on before the job starts and not when its finished.

You are welcome to have a look around my site where you will find pictures of tiling that has been completed and also some pictures of houses that are not finished but most of the tiling is complete, the menus are to the right of here or above and if you would like a quote you can fill out my contact form or call me on 087 3962215 or 05986 52149 within reason at any time, thank you Mark.