Fitting new Bathroom floor & Bathroom Suite

Tiling this bathroom floor was the easy bit; all the rest of it wasn’t though! The problem was a leak in the toilet cistern which went behind the boxing covering the pipe from the toilet, so it went undetected for a long period of time, in that time it soaked the floor so much it rotted the timber and had to be replaced.

So fitting a new bathroom floor and Bathroom suite was needed and that’s just what we did, and you can see how we did it in the pictures. We removed all the tiles, cut out all of the rotten timber and replaced it with a new 18mm Waterproof Ply Board after supporting it properly and then covered the entire floor with 6mm cement board which was screwed at 150mm centres. Then the floor was re-tiled, and the sanitary ware was refitted along with a new bath & new bath panels and new boxing for the pipe.

The whole job took 3 days but i think youll agree that its looking great now, just like new only with nice tiles on the floor this time, oh and no leaks :) 

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