How to Tile Your Bathroom

Tiling a bathroom, well to be honest its not rocket science, if you’re any way handy or slightly adventurous there’s no reason why you couldn’t be a tiler and try it yourself. Realistically you probably wouldn’t get the fit and finish a professional tiler would deliver but you could call that character, and it would probably take you a fair bit longer to do, but if you’ve ever had a yearning to make a change in your home that you’ve done all yourself, give it a go it can be very rewarding. Oh and if it goes a little bit wrong don’t worry, you can contact me here and i’ll get back to you with the info you need to complete it.
So I know these pictures aren’t the best, they were taken with wet hands and a wet iPhone but it should give you an idea of the steps needed to complete the job. And regarding time, this room would have taken around two days for me on my own, the border around the walls is mosaic and that slows the process down a lot so i ended up going into the third day but that was ok as I was tiling the rest of the house too.