Re Tiling an Ensuite Start to Finish

This en suite hadn’t been used for 8 years as the shower leaked and had damaged the ceiling in the room below. They had fixed the ceiling but not the en suite but the decision was made to change the tiles and fit a vanity unit in place of the old pedestal sink.

Re-tiling bathrooms can be problematic and difficult to price because when this was originally tiled around 2000 we used bucket adhesive which could be either category A or B. Usually, B was used which is not waterproof and so removing old tiles is a straightforward process and the plasterboard would not be damaged so could be tiled on again. Unfortunately, this was not the case in this bathroom as the original tiler had used Mapei P25 which is Category A adhesive which is stronger than the plasterboard wall it is stuck to so when the tile is removed parts of the plasterboard wall comes with it. This can be seen in the pictures and because of this all of the plasterboard had to be removed and replaced.

This slowed the job considerably but does mean the finished job would be perfect and removing the wooden window board and tiling all around the window gives a very clean finish with the flat trims.

The tiles the owner chose were from right price tiles who supplied the adhesives and grout along with the cement boards and fitting kit for the floor. I seem to be fitting a lot from this shop at the moment and their tiles are good, Ive no connection with them just thought I’d mention it

I removed and refitted the shower door along with the toilet and radiator because they were in good condition and to save some of the cost of the plasterboarding, but the customer wanted a vanity unit fitted to increase the storage space and also because it was smaller than the original sink and i fitted that too. I finished the job by fitting a new mirror and light above it and now the customer is happy with her en suite after all these years :)


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