25 Kitchen backsplash ideas in pictures

Kitchen backsplash or kitchen wall tiling normally takes around a day and the transformation in the house can be fairly amazing. But this isn’t by accident its because of all of the thought that goes in to the choosing of the new tiles and how they will compliment the kitchen and the countertop and as you can see all of my customers are great at that :)

And here are 25 Kitchen backsplash ideas in pictures, kitchen walls that I have tiled and the pictures are before and after. You can also see that I’m not a photographer but I do my best and hope that the pictures I’ve taken on my phone can give you an idea of what the tiles look like in real kitchens and not the ones in the showrooms and you can also get to see how I tile and the fit and finish of the completed work.

Oh and to give you an idea tiling prices the cost of tiling the kitchen backsplashes below varies between €275 and €350. It varies mainly because of the size of the kitchen, how many walls there are to tile, and if you want me to remove the window board and make good and then tile it as I’ve done in some of the pictures below.