How to tile a window shelf or window board in kitchen walls

Tiling a window board or tile a window shelf in a kitchen can have quite a dramatic effect but the actual job of tiling them can often be difficult and time consuming, this is why I made this page to show you whats underneath the shelf and how its done.

You see, to tile a window shelf is not just a case of removing the shelf which can sometimes be tough in itself but often underneath the shelf there is nothing to tile to so I have got to make and fit a base to fit the tiles on. Also often the plasterboard underneath the board on the wall has to be removed and replaced as the plasterboard or the plaster is not suitable to be tiled to or is not straight. If you can see in the pictures the finished shelves are always straight, sometimes this is not easy to do but really has to be achieved to have the desired effect.

And finally the trims, they can be chrome or plastic the choice is yours but either way they have to be fitted perfectly because if they not or the tiles are not fitted perfectly I would imagine the job would not look good at all. So I hope you can now see that tiling the shelf is not a quick 5 minute job it can add a few hours to the job and possibly require some materials too.