Tiling Videos

Ihave been asked more than a few times to take videos of work I have completed and put them on my site. I thought it was a good idea so I tried it to see how the results would turn out. You can see that I’ve done them myself – they’re obviously not professional but that’s okay, the idea is that I hope you can see and get an idea of the type and quality of the work that I complete. It’s easier to make floor tiling videos than bathroom tiling videos but I’ll have a look and find some bathroom ones and put them up here too and over time there should be a few on the page for you to see, and thanks for looking.




The tiles used on this job were 60cm by 15cm grey wood effect tiles laid so the overlap was one third of the tile in the next row, when you see the video you can see what I mean by that. And the house itself is a 3 bed semi on a new development called Hawthorne Manor in Kildare. It was a slightly unusual because the tiles and the pattern had to join up together at the French doors between the kitchen and lounge which focused the mind a little to say the least.

The house also has underfloor heating under a sand and cement screed so it had to be acrylic primed – this is why it’s green.




The tiles used on this job were 60cm by 60cm polished porcelain which were fitted with a 2mm space between them, the narrow joint always looks great. And the house is a four bed detached on a new development in Newbridge, the house is really nice but the floor was a long way from flat, it actually took 19 bags of adhesive which is around double the amount that would normally be required for this size floor. Not only was that time consuming for me it added expense to the customer having to buy the extra bags, but they were delighted when the job was complete as you can see its just about perfect.

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