Jura Limestone Floor Tiling

I am a Jura Limestone tiler and I tiled this kitchen hall and bathroom floor with 60cm x 40 cm Jura Limestone polished tiles and it looks just great in this size. The kitchen floor was already tiled with porcelain tiles which had to be removed with a kango and then the floor had to be cleaned so it could be tiled.

The customer asked for 2mm spacing which is a good size for this type of natural stone tile so we used 2mm tile spacers which you can see in some of the pictures. When I had finished tiling the floor it had to be washed thoroughly so it was perfectly clean and then I sealed it twice, this is a long process which took a day on its own and then the floor was grouted with pergamon grout and then washed and cleaned again.

Its a lot more expensive to have natural stone tiles fitted than ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles because the process is so long, in general it takes twice the time to tile a natural stone floor than it does to fit a creamic ot porcelain tiled floor, but the difference really is amazing because natural stone tiles when fitted and sealed properly are fabulous and with the proper care they always will be.