Tiling a Kitchen Floor

Tiling a kitchen floor can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of the whole house, if the tiles are a rustic or older style of tile then that can set the tone of that room and possibly the house too if the kitchen as it often is, is the center of the home.

This is how it was in this house until the owners decided to update their tiles and replace the whole floor with a more modern clean looking tile.

The tile they chose is ceramic and 45 cm square and the design very similar to Crema Marfil marble, and they also decided to replace the timber floor which used to cover the dining room side of the kitchen with the same tile, but before i could tile the floor i had to remove the existing tiles which in this case wasn’t easy as my kango broke and i had to use a hammer and chisel, that took a while.

When tiling a kitchen floor I’ve always thought tiling the whole floor with the same tile is a great idea as it makes the room look so much bigger and with their choice of tiles much much brighter now too, and the home owners are delighted in their choice of tile too because the kitchen now matches the style of the rest of their home which is very clean looking and modern.

All in all this was a happy job with happy customers which makes it all worthwhile :)

Tiling kitchen Floor 1
Kitchen Floor with old tiles 2
Tiling kitchen Floor 3
Kitchen Floor with new tiles
Kitchen Floor with new tiles 2
Tiling kitchen Floor 6

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