Tiling Health and Safety

I have a UCD Certificate in Health and Safety and a degree in Health & Safety Management and Environmental Management which means that I am conversant with most things in regard to tiling health and safety on any type of construction site, this was gained recently so its very up to date. I have also written my own Safety Statement, which describes what I do and how I do it in regard to tiling Health and Safety. This statement changes from time to time and is also site-specific which means that if there is a safety issue that is on your site that is not already covered in my statement then I will add it in. If you’re a contractor and I do work on your site, I will give you a copy of this statement and would expect to see a copy of yours in return. This is actually a legal requirement but a lot of tradesmen and builders don’t seem to have one, possibly they think it doesn’t matter but in my opinion, safety really is important, it shouldn’t be just something other people do. In all my time tiling, actually, in 30 years of self-employment, i have never had an incident or an accident at work that has taken either myself or any of my employees to hospital and that’s not just down to luck, it does require a bit of time and planning.