Floor Tiling

Floor tiling can have a big impact on any room so the choices that you make when choosing your tiles or tiler shouldn’t be taken lightly, or quickly. The things you might consider when floor tiling may be if the area will be wet on a regular basis, for example by your kitchen sink or by the entrance doors, in these areas you might consider a non slip tile. If this is the case then in the shop when you buying them you could ask about the R rating, that should give you an idea about how slippery they could be. You could also think about the size of the tile, what they are made of and the finish, shiny or matt. The staff in most tile shops are usually knowledgeable about the products they sell but if you want any independent advice you are more than welcome to call, my contact details are here .

I’ve added some pictures of floor tiling , have a look and maybe one or two of them may give you some ideas for your own house, i hope so .